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We are Malaysia’s leading direct to door distribution company offering cost effective advertising solutions to various organizations from small enterprises to multinational companies. We distrubute flyers, brochures, magazines, booklets, promotional items and sample packs nationwide. We provide condominium display advertising in over 480 condominiums in the Klang Valley and Penang.


  • Flyer Distribution

    We can help you strategize your campaign delivery throughout Malaysia. Tell us who and where your target market is and we can get your message to their doostep in just a matter of days. We guarantee your flyers, brochures and magazines will be delivered to the specified area in a timely manner without any wastage.

  • Condominium Media Display Advertising

    Our condominium media rack display is an affordable advertising channel to reach out to today's urban population. We pioneered this highly effective medium of advertising in 2012 and we have become Malaysia’s exclusive provider of this media space in more than 480 medium to premium condominiums in the Klang Valley and Penang.

  • Docket Advertising

    Docket advertising is a new way to deliver your message. Docket advertising reduces costs for you while protecting your leaflet and brochure in a transparent water tight pouch. It provides ease of carrying and convenience for your target audience.

  • Custom campaign distribution

    You may have special requirements in your marketing campaign like distribution of samples or targeted deliveries. Please talk to us and we'll be happy to help you.

Our supervised teams will go to houses, condominiums, offices and commercial buildings to distribute your flyers.

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